Hoffman’s LED Wingtip Lights are available in stand alone or dual mode configurations offering a safer air space for flying with Night Vision Goggles. The dual mode position lights also allows for covert flight. Hoffman Engineering’s new LED Position Lights use less power, have a longer MTBF and are more cost effective compared to existing solutions. Hoffman Engineering’s position lights are FAA TSO certified for all Type I, II, and III Position Lights. Hoffman is the only supplier of FAA certified LED wingtip position lights that include an LED bayonet style replaceable bulb reducing down time for aircraft maintenance. With various voltage options available*, when quality and safety are of the utmost importance, Hoffman leads the way.


Key features

  • Available in single or dual mode
  • Longer MTBF
  • Cost effective


  • Unlikely failure
  • FAA and TSO certified