Many of the incandescent lamps that the 721-1235-801 is designed to replace have a catalog life of 300 hours. The lighting curve continues to diminish during this period whereas the estimated life of Hoffman’s LED product is 100,000 hours. The LED lamp assembly provides a greater level of illuminance and maintains it’s efficiency for thousands of hours beyond existing incandescents. Additionally, LED products do not darken over time as a result of tungsten particle condensation on the interior of the incandescent bulb. Color rendering is superior with the 721-1235-801.  The lamps have been qualified to MIL-STD-810 environments and data is available upon request. Applications include dome lights, flood lights, area lights, and most locations where 305, 307, 1683, or other S-style single-contact non-indexed bayonets are used. Other contact arrangements, including indexed versions of this lamp and voltages other than 28 VAC/VDC may be made available.

Key features

  • Housing Material: Aluminium
  • Base: Brass
  • Power Requirements: 28 VAC/VDC, 250 mA max
  • Colour of Light: White, 5000K typical
  • Weight: 2oz.
  • Bulb includes protection fuse


  • Efficient with a long life
  • Maintains it’s efficiency for thousands of hours