The 451 Hybrid Power Management System is a breakthrough mobile power resource that combines both AC and DC outputs - that fit any configuration - right out of the box. 

Powerful, flexible and easy to use.

  • 450 watts of power provides the fastest charge time in the industry.
  • You don't have to choose AC and DC outputs, all configurations.
  • Just connect and go. No converters or inverters required.

Ensure the safety and security of data, personnel and patients.

  • Industry-leading safety interlocks and protections.
  • True sine wave AC output for sensitive computer electronics.

Save time and money.

  • Utilize existing equipment - adaptable to all technologies.
  • No added expense to configure for customer specific technology.
  • Far fewer battery replacements.

Key features

  • Proprietary battery-charging algorithms provide maximum run-time and battery life.
  • Real-time battery state-of-health information for maintenance and replacements.



  • Fast, safe and reliable charging.
  • Advanced software provides control and display of all operating parameters.