The HVS-126A uses a high resolution video camera to capture live images generated by the Hoffman ANV-126A test set through a NVG/NVD. The images are analyzed by the proprietary software running on a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet.

There is no requirement for the maintenance personnel to be dark adapted, the process may be carried out under normal lighting conditions. Test results are automatically calculated and a Pass/Fail is displayed for minimum resolution at high/low light settings and image quality defects.

Key features

• Designed to evaluate performance of night vision goggles/devices in conjunction with the Hoffman ANV-126A test set.
• Computerizes a manual task
• Increases safety for the NVG operator
• Significantly reduces training time for maintenance personnel
• Removes requirements for maintenance personnel to be dark adapted
• Reliable results time after time

HVS-126A Hoffman Vision System Includes:

• HVS-126A Camera
• AN/AVS-6 / AN/AVS-9 Diopter Adapter*
• Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet (Pre-Loaded with HVS-126A Software)
• Carrying case
*Note: Adapters for other goggle types are available