Test capabilities of the ANV-110DQ System include: Center and Peripheral Resolution (High Light and Low Light); Image Quality (Dark/Bright Spots, Chicken Wire); Distortion; Fixed Pattern Noise; Cathode Diameter and Halo. Each of these tests has a unique reticle, selectable on a 6-position reticle wheel. The ANV-110DQ optical system provides the necessary optics to accurately project the selected reticle onto the Photocathode of the image tube under test. The optical system also allows the operator to focus the image onto the photocathode without changing the magnification of the reticle image. The ANV-110DQ features a proprietary Image Tube Holder system to correctly position and provide power to the Image Tube under test. Image Tube Holders are available for most commonly available image tube types*. The ANV-110DQ also features an accurate and stable light source for testing image quality and resolution. A stereo-zoom microscope is provided to view image quality and measure defect sizes using interchangeable eyepiece reticles.

NSN: 6625-01-570-8685

Key features

  • Center and Peripheral  Resolution
  • Image Quality


  • Accurately projects the selected reticle
  • Reliable