Solar Runway Lighting Solution

The Hoffman Engineering SOLAR module is a simple add-on solar module for the COREL LED light family. Designed with minimal additional hardware the key features of the Hoffman Engineering SOLAR are:

  • For semi-permanent installations, it will meet FAA AC 150/5345-46E (maximum height of light at the runway edge, FAA compliant frangible mount is available as an option.)
  • Detachable Solar panel to maximize installation speed and solar efficiency
  • Ability to be installed flat or at an optimized angle
  • Increased solar charging capacity
  • Reduced installation time
  • Maximizes the solar effect to increase the light’s autonomy, to achieve a semi-permanent installation.

The standard solar panel size is 12W and the module includes a solar panel, mounting system, cabling, charging block, and baseplate.

Additional Solar panel sizes available depending upon operational requirements


Solar Runway Lighting Solution

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Product Specification

Dimensions (Approximate overall)
Height 136mm
Width 183mm
Depth 431mm
Panel Dimensions
Height 170mm
Width 220mm
Operating Temp: -40ºC – +60ºC
Panel Tilt: 33º
Panel Direction: Optimal Position


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