Civilian Airfield Lighting Kit


A versatile trailer-mounted, battery-powered portable runway lighting system that complies with International Civil Aviation Standards.

CALKIT™ can be used as a stand-alone, temporary system on remote airstrips or as an emergency, supplementary, or obstruction lighting at international and domestic airports.


  • Contains up to 66 COREL portable runway lights
  • Rechargeable in approximately 8 hours
  • Simple drop in charging system
  • Trailer mounted for quick deployment in less than 20 minutes


CE –                    Compliant

Aviation –           FAA AC150/5345-51A L-849 Style A-F

ICAO Annex 14 Vol. 1

Product Specification

Dimensions (Approx)
Height (doors closed) 1126mm
Height (doors open) 1898mm
Width 1607mm
Compartment Length 2720mm
Overall Length 3847mm
Maximum Gross Weight: 1500 Kg
Vehicle Details
Brakes Drum
Wheels/Tyres 2 + 1 Spare / Tyre: 155/70 r12
Tyre Pressure 65 PSI
Wheel nut torque (M12) 75lb/ft
Suspension Leaf Spring
Hitch (coupling) 50mm Eye supplied as standard
Nest Capacity (COREL and recharge): 66 Units Maximum
Trailer Lighting
Light Fittings Standard ‘EEC’ configuration, 12V equipment supplied as standard.
Hook – up connector for trailer lighting (external) Standard 7 pin plug (type 12N, to ISO 1724)
Power Supply: All common world voltages available


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