Civilian LED Unidirectional Approach Light


A battery-powered portable approach light suitable for night-time use enabling pilots to identify the runway centreline during approach.


UAL portable approach lights can be used to mark the approach of both runways and helipads, with the pattern of deployment set to meet the particular requirements of each application.

The units produce 3 levels of light intensity up to a maximum of 600cds, these can be factory set to provide either a flashing or steady signal. For increased stability, the lights can be mounted on individual base plates that are anchored to the ground. Once positioned the desired approach angle can be accurately set between 2° and 8° using the UAL’s integral scale and spirit level.

Recharge is achieved in approximately 8 hours using the simple drop-in charging system employed on the CALKIT™ trailer or the freestanding battery charger.


  • Battery powered
  • Rechargeable in only 8 hours
  • Simple drop-in charging
  • 3 levels of light intensity 200cds, 400cds and 600cds
  • LED charge level indication
  • Low voltage cut-off
  • Manual, photocell or radio control
  • Steady signal
  • Can withstand jet blast

Product Specification

Dimensions (Approx)
Height (excluding antenna) 300 mm
Width 195 mm
Compartment Length 195 mm
Maximum Gross Weight: 8 Kg
Nominal Light Intensity (main beam average)
Minimum 200 cd
Medium 400 cd
Maximum 600 cd
Lens Colour Options: Clear
Operation Manual/Radio Control
Elevation Adjustment 2 – 8° above horizontal
Lamp 12V, 10W, Tungsten Halogen
Protection Reverse polarity and Low Voltage Cut-Off (to prevent over discharge of batteries)


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