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NVIS LED Post Light Cap



These post light caps use a white LED and either an NVIS White or Green-A filter to provide NVIS compatible lighting for aircraft instruments.

The ballast resistor needed to operate at either 28 VDC or 5 VDC (or 5V, 400 HZ.) is internal to each unit and the operating voltage is indicated on the side of the hood. The LED source produces a more efficient and reliable lighting product than an incandescent bulb as well as offering a vastly extended life. The bellows style contact is designed to allow for spring contact wear in older aircraft and should prevent most intermittent conditions previously caused by uneven lamp contact. Hoffman LED Post Light Caps may be retrofit into currently installed incandescent post light bases as a direct replacement.

Please note: Mixing LED sources with incandescent and using existing dimming circuits may cause uneven dimming because of the lower current requirements of the LED. In 5 Volt circuits, experience shows this to be less of a problem. If there are doubts about your circuit, please consult with Hoffman Engineering.


  • NVIS White or Green-A available
  • Plastic Lens
  • Polycarbonate housing


  • Reliable
  • Efficient

Product Specification

Housing Polycarbonate
Post/Contact Brass C36000 Per ASTM B16 with Tin Plate
Lens Plastic
Housing Colour Flat Black
Housing Finish Mold-Tech Texture
Power Requirements (-001/003: 5VDAC ~ -002/004: 28VDC) 50mA Max
Colour of Light NVIS White (-001/002) or NVIS Green-A (-003/004)
Product Number Description NSN
723-1099-001 NVIS White 5V Assembly 6220-01-515-7225
723-1099-002 NVIS White 28V Assembly 6220-01-576-4194
723-1099-003 NVIS Green A 5V Assembly
723-1099-004 NVIS Green A 28V Assembly 6340-01-626-8764


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