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NVIS Green-A Mini Floodlight

723-1123 Floodlight

723-1123-001 mini floodlight


The 723-1123 mini floodlight offers a .75” x .40” package that can be mounted just about anywhere. This light is often used in crew stations and ground vehicles where space is limited. This light is also available in NVIS White and Green-B. Please note the wiring configuration (-001 or -002).


  • 75” x 40” package
  • Available in NVIS White and Green-B


  • Unlikely failure


NVIS Green-A

Mini Floodlight data sheet

NVIS Green-A Mini Floodlight data sheet


Product Specification

Housing Black Ultem
Finish Textured Matte
Power Requirements 12-28 VDC, 02 A Max
Color All MIL-STD-3009 Colors
Product Number Description NSN
723-1123-001 NVIS Green A LED Floodlight 6230-01-499-5795
723-1123-202 NVIS White LED Floodlight 6230-01-499-5795


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