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White LED Cap & Post Light

721-1220 LED Light

721-1220 LED Light


Model #721-1220-XXX

Hoffman Engineering’s post lights use a white LED with a clear lens.  The LED source produces a more efficient and reliable lighting product than an incandescent bulb as well as offering a vastly extended life.

Hoffman LED Post Lights may be used to replace currently installed incandescent post lights as a direct replacement. Mounting hardware is included with this assembly (Lock washer, Hex nut, Flat washer).


  • White LED with clear lens
  • Extremely reliable
  • Mounting hardware included


  • Unlikely failure
  • Vastly extended life


White LED Cap & Post Light

Cap & Light data sheet

White LED Cap and Post Light


Product Specification

Product Number Description
721 – 1220 – 005 5V White LED Cap Light
721 – 1220 – 028 28V White LED Cap Light
721 – 1220 – 105 5V White LED Post Light
721 – 1220 – 128 28V White LED Post Light


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