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Forward Lighting System

LED Based Forward Lighting System

Forward Lighting System 2


Hoffman’s 725-1013-XXX Forward Lighting System is the first LED based Forward Lighting System to offer a complete Forward Lighting Solution per the lighting equipment requirements of MIL-STD-1180 and MIL-STD-1179. One of the many Forward Lighting Systems offered by Hoffman, the 725-1013 Series fulfills the requirements of Low / High Beam, Parking Lamps, Turn Signal and Clearance Lights. Additionally, Blackout Marker and Blackout Driving lights can be modularly added to the assembly to complete the all-encompassing lighting suite.

Hoffman’s Lighting System provides complete vehicle Forward Lighting in a single space claim. Utilizing LEDs provides better performance while using less energy and greatly increasing system efficiency. Designed with duribility in mind, the bezel is made from aircraft grade aluminum to withstand the harsh environments that military vehicles will ultimately encounter. In this system, the optical block consists of three independent LED lighting assemblies, each one separately sealed and environmentally tested. This strategic design scheme offers Triple Redundancy, insuring that the Forward Lighting System can be relied upon during critical operations even when damage has been taken. Furthermore, the 725-1013-XXX Systems modular design allows for easy replacement of damaged components that greatly reducing cost of ownership over the life of the product.


  • LED
  • Durable


  • Unlikely failure
  • Durable


Forward Lighting System

Lighting System data sheet

Forward Lighting System data sheet


Product Specification

Part Number Description
725-1013-005 Driver Side
725-1013-006 Passenger Side


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