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LED Lamp Assembly S8/S10 Replacement

Bayonet Based Lamps

721-1194-001 LED Lamp


These bayonet based lamps are designed to be efficient, long life substitutes for most S-Shaped Single Contact lamps used in a variety of fixed wing and rotary platforms. Offering higher efficiency, longer life and lower current draw, these LED substitutes provide improved performance and lower maintenance costs.

Many of the incandescent lamps that the 721-1194-001 is designed to replace have a catalog life of 300 hours. The lighting curve continues to diminish during this period.

This Bayonet based LED product provides a greater level of illuminance and maintains its efficiency for thousands of hours. The LED product will also not darken like the incandescent bulb does from condensation of tungsten particles on the interior of the bulb which can be seen in the illustration above.

Color rendering is superior with the the 721-1194-001. These images are actual photos taken of a color chart under the illumination of both our LED Lamp and an S8 Incandescent bulb. In the illustration to the left you can clearly see that the S8 bulb washes out the 3 color zones of the spectrum in the bottom chart. The Hoffman LED lamp more accurately represents the color temperature of daylight at 6500 K which brings out the true color of the top chart.

The lamps have been Qualified to many MIL-STD-810 Environments and data is available upon request. Applications include dome lights, map lights, reading lights and virtually any location where 305, 307, 1683 or other S-Shaped, Single Contact, Non Indexed bayonets are in use. Voltages other than 28VDC may be made available upon request.


  • Efficiency for thousands of hours
  • High efficiency and long life span
  • Low current draw


  • Unlikely failure
  • Efficiency for thousands of hours


LED Lamp Assembly

S8/S10 Replacement data sheet

LED Lamp Assembly S8-S10 Replacement data sheet



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