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Low Profile NVIS Floodlight

Versatile LED Low Profile NVIS Floodlight

Low Profile NVIS Floodlight


Hoffman’s versatile LED Low Profile NVIS Floodlight is suited for a wide variety of lighting applications and is ideal for use under glare shields.

The low profile hood minimizes interference and its rotating mounting bracket allows you to put the light where you need it. The LED light source offers an extremely long operational life with little heat generated at the hood. Hoffman’s Low Profile Floodlight si available in NVIS White, NVIS Green-A versions as well Non-NVIS and Dual Mode Configurations. Please Contact a Hoffman Representative for more information.


  • Rotating mounting bracket
  • NVIS White and NVIS Green-A and Non-NVIS


  • Long operational life
  • Little heat generated at the hood


Low Profile NVIS

Floodlight data sheet

Low Profile NVIS Floodlight data sheet


Product Specification

Product Number Description NSN
723-1120-002-GR-6 NVIS Green A 6V Assembly
723-1120-002-GR-12 NVIS Green A 12V Assembly
723-1120-002-GR-28 NVIS Green A 28V Assembly 6220-01-564-6685
723-1120-002-WH-6 NVIS White 6V Assembly
723-1120-002-WH-12 NVIS White 12V Assembly 6220-01-625-9337
723-1120-002-WH-28 NVIS White 28V Assembly 6220-01-609-0873


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