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White LED Lamp Assembly

721-1235 Lamp Assembly



Hoffman’s 721-1235-801 bayonet based lamp is designed to be an efficient, long life, substitute for most S-style single contact lamps used in a variety of fixed wing and rotary platforms. Offering higher efficiency, longer life, and lower current draw, these LED substitutes provide improved performance and lower maintenance costs.

Many of the incandescent lamps that the 721-1235-801 is designed to replace have a catalog life of 300 hours. The lighting curve continues to diminish during this period whereas the estimated life of Hoffman’s LED product is 100,000 hours. The LED lamp assembly provides a greater level of illuminance and maintains it’s efficiency for thousands of hours beyond existing incandescents. Additionally, LED products do not darken over time as a result of tungsten particle condensation on the interior of the incandescent bulb. Color rendering is superior with the 721-1235-801.  The lamps have been qualified to MIL-STD-810 environments and data is available upon request. Applications include dome lights, flood lights, area lights, and most locations where 305, 307, 1683, or other S-style single-contact non-indexed bayonets are used. Other contact arrangements, including indexed versions of this lamp and voltages other than 28 VAC/VDC may be made available.


  • Housing Material: Aluminium
  • Base: Brass
  • Power Requirements: 28 VAC/VDC, 250 mA max
  • Colour of Light: White, 5000K typical
  • Weight: 2oz.
  • Bulb includes protection fuse


  • Efficient with a long life
  • Maintains it’s efficiency for thousands of hours


White LED

Lamp Assembly data sheet

White LED Lamp Assembly data sheet



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