Hoffman Engineering introduces the NEW Hoffman Vision System (HVS-126A)

The HVS-126A is a computerized system to evaluate night vision goggle/device image quality. It will quite simply transform the evaluation process to give fast and accurate results time after time, which until now has been a slow and laborious task for NVG maintenance personnel.

The HVS-126A uses a high-resolution video camera and lensing to capture live images generated by the Hoffman ANV-126A test set through a night vision goggle/device. The images are analyzed by the proprietary software running on a Microsoft ©Surface Pro 4 Tablet.

There is no requirement for the maintenance personnel to be dark adapted, the process may be carried out under normal lighting conditions. Test results are automatically calculated and a Pass / Fail is displayed for Resolution at both high and low light settings, Honeycomb and Spot Defects (Blemishes). This is all achieved in a fraction of the time it would take to carry out this task manually, giving fast, accurate, consistent results and significantly improving productivity and most of all user safety.

Key Functions:

  • Configuration – data entry of NVG serial number
  • Focus – quickly and accurately achieve the best focus for the night vision goggle
  • Resolution – calculate smallest visible resolution target at high and low light level
  • Honeycomb – measure the amount of honeycomb
  • Spot Defects (Blemishes) – locate and classify blemishes
  • Results – display a summary of test results, automatically calculate Pass/Fail for Resolution, Honeycomb and Blemishes

Key System Benefits include:

  • Computerizes a manual task
  • Eliminates maintenance personnel’s subjectivity / inconsistency, therefore increasing safety for the NVG operator
  • Removes requirement for maintenance personnel to be dark adapted
  • Significantly reduces training time for maintenance personnel
  • Gives fast, accurate, consistent and reliable results time after time
  • Significantly increases efficiency / productivity
  • Intuitive – User-friendly interface
  • Designed to evaluate performance of night vision goggles / devices in conjunction with the Hoffman ANV-126A test set