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Series 451 Hybrid Power Management System (UL 60601 3rd Edition) Safety & EMC

Hybrid Power Management System

Series 451 Hybrid Power Management System (UL 60601 3rd Edition) Safety and EMC


Breakthrough Power System combines both AC & DC outputs (200 Watts) to fit any configuration. Increased power (450 Watts) adapts to every technology, accepts any battery chemistry and works with all power requirements right out of the box. Can be customized and configured to meet the specifications of any configuration.

The 451 Hybrid Power Management System is a breakthrough mobile power resource that combines both AC and DC outputs – that fit any configuration – right out of the box.

Powerful, flexible and easy to use.

  • 450 watts of power provides the fastest charge time in the industry.
  • You don’t have to choose AC and DC outputs, all configurations.
  • Just connect and go. No converters or inverters required.

Ensure the safety and security of data, personnel and patients.

  • Industry-leading safety interlocks and protections.
  • True sine wave AC output for sensitive computer electronics.

Save time and money.

  • Utilize existing equipment – adaptable to all technologies.
  • No added expense to configure for customer specific technology.
  • Far fewer battery replacements.


  • Proprietary battery-charging algorithms provide maximum run-time and battery life.
  • Real-time battery state-of-health information for maintenance and replacements.


  • Fast, safe and reliable charging.
  • Advanced software provides control and display of all operating parameters


Series 451 Hybrid Power Management System

Series 451 data sheet

Series 451 Data Sheet


Product Specification

Dimensions (Nominal)
Height (overall-laden with doors closed) 1800mm (71 inches)
Length (overall) 3734mm (147 inches)
Width (overall) 1644mm (65 inches)
Track 1112mm (44inches)
Full 1560 kg (3450 lb)
All ORELs, NVG PAPIs, MSUs and drill removed 1385 kg (3050 lb approx.)
Vehicle Details
Nose load (approx. – with Trailer level) <100kg (221lb)
Wheel Rim Pressed steel, 5.5″ x 14″
Tyre 185 R14C8PR
Tyre pressure 4.5 bar (65 psi)
Brakes Internal Expanding Drum. Auto-
Reversing Type
Wheel bearing end float adjustment 0.15mm (0.006″) MAXIMUM
Hitch (coupling) Hydraulically damped overrun mechanism. Fitted with 76mm NATO EYE as standard (others available), plus over-centre hand brake.
Trailer Lighting
Light fittings 12/24 V, EEC approved fittings as standard
Inter-vehicle connector 12 pin NATO plug
Torque Settings
Wheel nuts 50lb ft (67NM)
Hitch to ‘A’ Frame, fixings 65lb ft (88NM)
Axle to spring clamp, fixings 55lb ft (74NM)
Suspension to Chassis, fixings 35 to 40 lb-ft


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