Night Vision googles

Helmet Mount Circuit Continuity Tester

Hoffman’s ANV-055

Helmet Mount Circuit Continuity Tester


Hoffman Engineering, the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of Night Vision Device test and maintenance equipment, introduces a unique new test clip to verify Helmet Mount battery circuit continuity.

The ANV-055 is a simple, low-cost system designed to provide maintainers of Night Vision Devices with the ability to verify proper operation of the AN/AVS-9 and AN/AVS-6 Battery Circuits without the use of test probes and a multimeter. This test clip uses standard goggle component interfaces making the system easy to use and assuring accurate electrical continuity assessment. The system streamlines the required preventative maintenance checks and service of helmet mount assemblies. The ANV-055 will evaluate all mounts in which standard ANVIS helmet mount assemblies are used. The Battery Circuit Continuity Tester requires no annual calibration and complies with the testing requirements for 90 and 180-day checks.


  • Simple, low cost system
  • Verifies proper operation of the AN/AVS-9 and AN/AVS-6 Battery Circuits


  • Simple to use
  • No power requirements

Product Specification

Operation Stand Alone
Power Requirements None
Weight 4 oz.
Ordering Codes ANV-055


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