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NVD Gain Bench

Night Vision Device Gain Bench

NVD Gain Bench


The ANV-120A Night Vision Device (NVD) Gain Bench consists of a 12-inch integrated sphere with a special low-light-level lamp source and variable aperture.

An amplified detector probe with adapters that fit over the eyepiece of the goggle or night scope under test, and an electronics console which provides power and display functions for the set.

The system is self-contained for measurement of goggle gain in terms of output luminance per unit of input luminance. The test set digital displays indicate source lamp current, source luminance, in footlamberts, output screen luminance in footlamberts, goggle voltage and current demand, and system gain. The lamp source housing has a series of fixed and variable apertures, which attenuate the light entering the sphere from a 10-watt quartz-halogen lamp. The amount of light projected into the sphere is controlled by a log taper aperture driven by a micrometer. Nearly all NVD types can be tested through the use of eyepiece and objective ANV-126AXXX adapters that are sold separately. The ANV-120A is a laboratory grade instrument with complete system calibration and NIST traceability.

NSN: 6625-01-600-5524

A U.S. State Department export license is required for all international sales


  • Special low-light-level lamp source
  • Variable aperture


  • Unlikely failure
  • The lamp source housing has a series of fixed and variable apertures


NVD Gain Bench

Bench data sheet

NVD Gain Bench data sheet


Product Specification

Configuration 12” Sphere Light Source (monitored)

Gain Detector Module

Control Console with power supplies for sphere and NVD

Light Source Range 2 X 10-3 to 5 X 10-6 Footlamberts at 2856K
Monitor Resolution Source Monitor, 1 X 10-7 Footlamberts
Max. Scale 1.9999 X 10-3 Footlamberts
Color Temp Adjustable, 2856 Kelvin Nominal
Spectral Distribution Within 10% at 2856K Between 450nm and 900nm
Source Accuracy Within 3% of NIST Standard at 2 X 10-3 Fl

Within 4% of NIST Standard at 2 X 10-5 Fl


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