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The NVG-102B is designed as a simple and field-effective method of inspecting NVG Compatible crew stations for continued compliance.

The specially designed Long-Pass filter (-006) will admit offensive wavelength energy to the image tube for viewing by the operator. The offending lighted product or display can then be repaired or removed from the crew station to assure NVG activity without impaired visual acuity.

The NVG-102B is unlike “off-the-shelf” monocular or other image intensifier products. Hoffman’s NVIS inspection scopes are precision-calibrated, certified reference tools designed for the purpose of evaluating cockpit lighting compatibility and external aircraft covert lighting. These inspection scopes feature up to four calibrated gain settings that enable them to evaluate a broad range of lighted devices.

NSN: 6695-01-393-1962

A U.S. State Department export license is required for all international sales


  • Long Pass filter
  • Precision-calibrated


  • Rugged carrying case
  • Calibration certified


NVIS Inspection Scope

Inspection Scope data sheet

NVIS Inspection Scope data sheet



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