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NVIS Pocket Inspection Scope

NVG-104 Inspection Scope

NVIS Pocket Inspection Scope


The NVG-104 Inspection Scope is designed to allow the user to inspect an instrument or an entire cockpit.

The NVIS Pocket Inspection Scope can inspect the cockpit or instrument during the following:

  • Preflight
  • On a short term reoccurring basis, weekly or monthly
  • When new equipment has been installed into the cockpit
  • A cockpit instrument has been removed from the aircraft for any reason
  • When the equipment may have been damaged and/or repaired
  • When local protocol calls for aircraft inspection

NSN: 6650-01-609-0307

A U.S. State Department export license is required for all international sales


  • Long pass filter
  • Precision-calibrated


  • Unlikely failure
  • Durable


NVIS Pocket Inspection Scope

Inspection Scope data sheet

NVIS Pocket Inspection Scope data sheet



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