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Portable NVD Test Set Upgrade

Digital NVD Test Set

Portable NVD Test Set Upgrade


Hoffman’s ANV-126A-UG is the Digital NVD Test Set Uprgrade from your existing ANV-126-XXX NVD Test Set.

This upgrade configuration is performed at our factory by swapping out the Primary Module with a new Digital Module. This upgrade does not require the purchase of new items for the unit as existing ANV-126 accessories are fully compatible to the new Digital Configuration allowing you to keep your existing accessories and case.

*The ANV-126A-UG is also available as an “In the Field” Upgrade. Special ordering instructions apply. Please contact your Hoffman Representative for additional information.


  • Portable
  • Available as an “In the Field” upgrade


  • Unlikely failure
  • Durable


Portable NVD Upgrade

Test Set data sheet

Portable NVD Test Set Upgrade data sheet



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