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Resolution Evaluation System

LM-33-500 Resolution Evaluation System

Resolution Evaluation System


Hoffman Engineering’s LM-33-500 Resolution Evaluation System is one of the world’s most advanced tools for determining aircraft compatibility with Night Vision Goggles.

Second only to Hoffman’s LM-33-400 Night Sky Illumination System, this computer-controlled lighting system is designed to be used in a darkened “light-tight” hangar.

The LM-33-500 virtually eliminates the constraints of aircraft NVIS compatibility testing while reducing costs associated with NVIS. In addition, the system provides a level of accuracy which is critical with any NVIS lighting evaluation. The LM-33-500 is under complete control which monitors Resolution Target Illumination through “closed-loop” feedback. This system is fully portable which means you can take it to the aircraft as opposed to bringing the aircraft to a stationary test site.


  • Portable
  • Computer control


  • Unlikely failure
  • Under complete computer control


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