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4.5 Inch Round Headlight

Hoffman’s LED Headlight



Hoffman’s 726-1014-002 LED headlight offers exemplary performance for forward driving illumination.

First in its class to offer both low and high beam LED projection within a single 4.5” diameter, the compact housing reduces overall size and weight characteristics. The power system includes a regulated output providing consistent illumination from 18-32 VDC no matter what voltage is supplied, while only consuming an industry leading 13 watt in low beam operation.

Designed with quality and innovation in mind, this LED headlight incorporates industry unmatched performance including the following:

  • Fits within PAR36 Diameter mounting schemes
  • Integrated low and high beam in a single package
  • Photometrically compliant to FMVSS-108, CMVSS-108, SAE, DOT, ECE, MIL-STD-1179
  • 100% solid state meaning no moving parts to fail
  • Integrated lens defrosting
  • IP68 water immersion sealed
  • MIL-STD water fording sealed
  • MIL-STD electrical, EMI, and environmental protection
  • No external drivers required
  • First in class size, weight, and power (SWaP)
  • Rugged aircraft grade aluminum housing.
  • Impact resistance housing and lenses


  • First in its class to offer both low and high beam LED projection
  • Consistent illumination from 18-32 VDC
  • Fits within PAR36 Diameter mounting schemes


  • Unlikely failure
  • Impact resistant housing and lenses


4.5 Inch Round Headlight

Headlight data sheet

4.5 Inch Round Headlight data sheet


Product Specification

Housing Material Aluminum alloy
Lens Material Abrasion resistant clear polycarbonate
Finish Black anodize per MIL-A-8625, type II, class 2
Power Requirements 18-32 VDC 300mA Max


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